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Not All Carbohydrates Are Equal – Carbs & Weight Loss

This Week our Nutrition Director, Suzanne Fisher explains why not all carbohydrates are created equal. At ThinU, our focus is on creating meal plans that supply all essential nutrients. While our meal plans do focus on good quality lean protein and heart healthy fat, we do not skimp on the nutrient dense carbohydrates. One of…
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Act Now Summer Weight Loss Special

Time to get ready for summer, it is not too late! Act now and get a jump start on your journey to your weight loss goals. Call us NOW at 678-996-1313 or email at or stop by at 4075 Old Milton Parkway, suite 4, Alpharetta, GA. 30005. Click here for the contact form, don’t…
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ThinU Director Of Nutrition on ABC Video – Eating And Weight Loss

Here is a link to ThinU’s Director of Nutrition, Suzanne Fisher on an ABC affiliate regarding the timing of eating and weight loss. Please click on the link !
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Stress & Snacking

  In this post our Director of Nutrition, Suzanne Fisher has written a great article on Stress and Snacking, we hope this will help you in your journey. Stress And Snacking: At ThinU, we are are all about reducing stress naturally to help you lose weight. Stress elevates cortisol, a main stress hormone. When elevated,…
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5 Meals a Day to a Thinner U

  I want to share with you that at ThinU ALL of our meal plans for our clients are designed for 5 to 6 meals a day! Now, you may be asking yourself how eating 5 times a day could possibly be good for you? But This eating plan, of course, consists of good, healthy foods…
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Sugar The Silent Enemy

Sugar the Silent Enemy At ThinU the first 10 days of our program include a cleanse to purge toxins from the body and by following the 24 day challenge eating plan you can break sugar addiction and lose weight. Before you drink that next soda beverage or breakfast cereal that contains large amounts of sugar…
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Eating a healthy, balanced diet in addition to exercise as well as getting approximately 8 hours of sleep per night will help you achieve your goals. Please consult with your physician before beginning any weight loss or body contouring program, treatments or therapy of any kind.