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30 Day Essentials Pak

This incredible pak contains a wide assortment of products designed to work synergistically with the Ultimate ThinU Meal Plan for optimal results . The products and protocol in this pak are designed to eliminate the guess work and help you to achieve your health and wellness goals. This package holistically supports key systems in your body to help your overall health and achieve weight loss such as digestive health, detoxification of the body. The ThinU Nutritional Supplement products are high quality, all-natural and are stimulant free! 


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ThinU Holistic Weight Loss 30 Day Essentials Pak Guide and the amazing products shown in the image to strengthen your health, rid your body of toxins and boost your gut health to aid in the absorption of nutrients which is so critical for your health and weight loss success!


Meal replacement Bars can be enjoyed as a full meal replacement or a snack. The Fruit Protein Drinks are an excellent way to get low calorie protein, low carb delicious protein you need and is great as a snack!

System Support

This system is stimulant free and uses all natural sourced supplements. We use the best products we can find in addition to our years of experience to bring you this system to support you in achieving your weight loss goals!

1 Box of ThinU Meal Bars

4 Boxes of THinU Meal Shakes

1 Canister of ThinU Next Level Vegan Protein

I Bottle of ThinU Carb Stopper

1 Bottle of ThinU Digest Ultra

1 Bottle of ThinU CLA Max

2 Bottles of ThinU Thinagenic Extreme Fat Burner

2 Boxes of ThinU Fruit Protein Drinks

1 Bottle of ThinU Daily Cleanse

ThinU 30 Day Essentials Program Guide

Cleansing is a great way to kick off your weight loss program because cell toxicity can block your body's ability to absorb nutrients. ThinU Daily Cleanse is designed to support and nourish your body's ability to rid itself of toxins to support cleansing of the organs and the colon.

During the first week of your journey, be patient with your body, and understand it’s the beginning of a life changing transformation. The introduction of nutritious and scientifically supported ThinU products will begin to give your body what it has been craving. The products will help you prepare for an efficient weight-loss journey. If you follow your system as recommended, you should begin to feel the difference.

Yes  you can incorporate exercise while on the program assuming you are in good health (you should check with your medical provider before beginning any exercise routine). Once you have clearance from your medical provider there are some basic exercise suggestions in the ThinU 30 Day Essentials Pak Guidebook to give you some ideas and you started.

While you can certainly add fruit and other ingredients to your ThinU Meal Shakes, you need to keep in mind that this adds to your caloric intake which can impact results.

Make sure that you are trying to get the right amount of sleep and are properly hydrated. If you have more serious issues or if it persists please consult your physician.

ThinU 30 Day Essentials Program Guide