About ThinU

Our Purpose

ThinU is a trusted and respected organization that exists to empower people to live the best possible life through nutrition, health and holistic wellness and balance.

A Better Way

After trying nearly every conceivable way to lose weight, the Founders of ThinU Holistic Weight Loss began a search for a better way to lose weight and optimize health with nutrition taking a holistic approach. Their search led them to open a holistic weight loss and body contouring studio to help those seeking better health and to continue developing the ThinU Holistic Weight Loss protocols and products. 

ThinU used advanced metabolic testing and diagnostics to develop meal plans and weight loss protocols that brought incredible results for their clients . The holistic approaches they developed continued to improve and evolve bringing enhanced results, this spirit of continuous improvement still exists today. 

That same mission drives everything we do at ThinU, every product, process, system and interaction has but one purpose, to help those who are seeking improved health to achieve it, holistically and with balance. We strive to bring you the best products and protocols possible and we commit to never stop seeking “A better way”.

No shortcuts and no compromise, thats what a better way means to us.