ThinU Digest Ultra Max

A healthy gut is a key part of your overall health. Your gut needs the healthy bacteria that breakdown food and unlock the key nutrients contained in food for your body to utilize. Modern agriculture methods have resulted in food that often do not contain the digestive bacteria that we need. ThinU Digest Ultra Max Probiotic Formula has a CFU bacteria count of 30 Billion per serving and is Non-GMO. Get some today and start boosting your gut health!

  • 30 Billion CFU’s Per Serving
  • Supports Gastro Intestinal Health
  • Non-GMO Formula


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Values & Benefits

Supports Digestion

Better Health

Supports weight Loss

The probiotic bacteria in in this formula help the body breakdown food and unlock the nutrients it contains. 

This probiotic bacteria helps support balance of the intestinal flora and digest food in order to support health.

This formula helps your body unlock the nutrition in food through supporting optimal digestion and nutrition is a critical component in effective weight loss.

This product is effective and has a high bacteria count packed with probiotic bacteria.

Digest Ultra Max helps promote better digestion and  this helps promote health, wellness and supports weight loss.

By supporting digestion your body can unlock nutrition in your food promoting health and weight loss.