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40 Second Scan

Determine Body Fat Percentage, Height, Weight, Lean Mass, Fat Mass

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The Scanning Process


First time users create an account with their email address and a unique password they'll use to login later to see their scan


In 40 seconds, the 3D Body Scanner will take a complete 3D, 360° body scan and extract the most commonly used benchmark fitness measurements


In 5-10 minutes the user receives an initial scan report email which contains their body measurements and 3D avatar and prompts them to login to the web platform


Once logged into the web platform, the user can compare scans side-by-side and access body measurements, detailed scan views, HRA data and more!

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The Best Way to Support Achievement
of Better Fitness

ThinU® has invested in this technology because we care about our customers. We care about bringing the best results and the highest value possible to our customers.

The first step of our process for treatments is a Body Scan to help access overall fitness based on body measurements, followed by a counseling session to discuss the 3D fitness assessment and discuss ways to support the improvement of the customer’s overall fitness.

The cost of the scan will be waived if a qualifying treatment package is purchased

An accurate 3D Avatar of the customer will be created by the scan. The customer can see where the improvement needs to be made and can track the progress and improvement visually over time.

All measurements and 3D Avatars will be accessible to customers and can be downloaded and saved.

Both 3D Avatars and measurement data can be compared side by side to track progress. Progress on key measurements can be shown in graphs.

All data is available to customers via smartphone, tablet, and PC.

The Body Scan Will Measure the Following:

 circumference of the waist, chest, bust, arms, legs (thighs and calves), hips, neck, and all key measurements of the body, including height and weight

A Body Shape Index

(ABSI) is a simple way to evaluate total body shape to avoid health and wellness risks associated with obesity. ABSI is a factor of the roundness of the waist and is associated with Body Mass Index (BMI) and height.

Body Shape Rating (Fit3D)

(BSR) is a two-part 3D scale in which multiple images of the human form is presented, ranging from underweight to overweight. The subject will choose the figures that represent their real body vs. ideal body.

Surface-based Body Shape Index

(SBSI) is a more complex way to evaluate total body shape. It is used to avoid health and wellness risks associated with obesity.

Trunk to Leg Volume Ratio

Compares the volume of your trunk with the volume of your legs. Research claims that having a high percentage of your body’s volume in your torso compared to your legs increases the likelihood of disease.

Body Fat Percentage

(BFP) is the user’s total fat mass divided by the total body mass.

Body Weight

This is a person’s mass or weight.

Fat Mass

Measures weight and percentage of adipose tissue within the body.

Lean Mass

Measures the weight and percentage of body weight that is the muscle tissue, skeletal tissue, and water in the body.

Waist Circumference

(WC) is the circumference measurement taken at the small of the back and provides a prediction of risk independent of BMI.

Waist to Hip Ratio

(WHR) is obtained from dividing the circumference of the waist (the narrowest point between the hips and ribs) by the circumference of the hips (the widest part of the hips). This is used to evaluate visceral fat as a way to understand fitness and disease risk.

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Eating a healthy, balanced diet in addition to exercise as well as getting approximately 8 hours of sleep per night will help you achieve your goals. Please consult with your physician before beginning any weight loss or body contouring program, treatments or therapy of any kind.