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Metabolic Testing System

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The team at ThinU® is excited to bring you yet another cutting-edge technology to help you on your journey and achieve your body contouring, fitness and weight loss goals. We have invested heavily into this technology because we care about U, our customer and we strive to bring you the best technology we can find.

  • Have you ever wondered why you struggled to lose weight?
  • Are you doing more exercise and following a stricter diet than ever before but still can’t lose weight?
  • Do you wonder why you are not losing the weight?

There is an answer!

Metabolism is a very critical part of how you lose or don’t lose weight. Are you an athlete that wants to access the level of your physical condition?

In order to help you achieve your weight loss goals we offer metabolic testing, both at rest and V02 with exercise, which will give you information about how you burn calories and what kind of calories you are burning during specific levels of heart rate and activity. Think of the power of this type of information as it has the potential to unlock levels of success that has previously eluded you.

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What Tests are Available?

Resting Metabolic Rate Test: This is a 13 to 20 minute unsupervised test which will accurately measure your rate of burning calories and what type of calories you are burning.

Exercise Vo2 Test: This 20 minute test will measure how many and what type of calories (i.e. fat calories, protein) you are burning while exercising. This information can be used to tailor and customize your exercise program to fit your unique needs.

You can use the results of these tests in conjunction with your trainer or nutritionist to customize your diet and exercise plan just for you, in order to optimize your results and empower your success.

How are the Test Results Used?

Here is an example of utilizing the metabolic testing in order to illustrate how the technology can benefit you:

  • Dan is 35 years old.
  • He runs and does cross training 5 days a week at his local gym.
  • He lives on a subsistence diet of 1,300 to 1,500 calories a day.
  • He is not losing any weight, and he feels weak and lethargic on the restricted diet.
  • Dan wonders why he is doing so much exercise, and has restricted his calories to near starvation levels; yet, he is not seeing any progress.

Dan takes a Metabolic Test and has both resting metabolism and VO2 metabolism under exercise tests performed. Dan learns that his resting metabolism doing no activity at all will burn 2,450 calories a day. Dan further learns that he is burning another 700 calories during his exercise and also learns during exercise that he is burning carbohydrate calories and is not burning his stored body fat. Dan’s restrictive diet is putting his body into starvation mode which causes his body to do anything to protect the body fat. His body is in FAT STORAGE MODE.

Dan later adjusts his calorie intake per day to 2,400 calories per day and his body is now free to burn the fat and has sopped storing it. Dan also adjusts his exercise routines to stay within certain heart rate zones. He stays in the heart rate zones that ensure he is burning primarily fat calories and not carbohydrate calories. Dans body turns into a fat burning machine, and he loses 33 pounds.


* Individual results may vary

CardioCoach Mobile App

The CardioCoach App helps you track exercises, what calories you are burning, and the food you eat.


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