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How to Use ThinU VO2 Max Test Results to Lose Weight

The ThinU VO2 Max test results are an effective tool in the struggle to lose weight. The test comes with an app for your phone or mobile device. Your test results will download to the App and the app also syncs with a blue tooth heart rate monitor. The result is that the app can take your actual test results and combine it with your heart rate which is recorded by the app as you exercise and can tell you exactly how many calories you burn and what kind of calories you burn (either from fat or carbohydrate sources).

Why is this important? the reason this is important for weight loss is because when you exercise your heart rate and oxygen utilization results in your body being in either an aerobic or anaerobic state. When you are in an anaerobic state you are burning more calories from carbohydrate sources and less from fat sources. When you ar win aerobic state you will be burning more calories from FAT sources. So at what heart level do you go from burning fat calories to carbohydrate calories? The answer is it is different for each person and it depends on your fitness level, age etc.

Most people do NOT know when they are in a aerobic or anaerobic state and so they do not know if they are burning fat calories or carbohydrate calories. The result is that MANY PEOPLE ARE DOING IT WRONG, they often think the higher the heart rate the better for weight loss and is wrong. People wonder why they workout hard but don’t burn fat, this wrong belief and not knowing what you burn is the reason why. The VO2 Max test at ThinU will show you what heart rate zone you need to be in while exercising to maximize the burning of FAT calories! If you are not trying to lose weight but are concerned with increasing your cardiovascular fitness then the VO2 Max is the solution you need, it will show you your true cardio vascular fitness level, oxygen utilization and other key data. Performance athletes use this information to improve their training and performance.

The ThinU VO2 Max test will show you your EXACT aerobic and anaerobic thresholds which is the heart rate level where you go from fat burn to carb burn and vice versa and will put your heart rate into 4 zones and those zones will will show you at what range of heart rate will result in the maximum burning of FAT calories. These zones and ALL of your test data will be downloaded into your phone via the app. The app will actually give you an audible instructions when to increase or decrease efforts to stay in the optimal fat burning zone. In addition it will show you precisely how many and what kind of calories you burned during your workout. Do NOT depend on bell curve data of millions of people, which is what most apps offer, to know how many calories you burned and to know your actual metabolic rate. See the attached screenshots of ACTUAL workout sessions using my own personal VO2 Max test results, you can see form these photos how powerful the information is, THIS INFORMATION IS A TRUE GAME CHANGER! Call ThinU TODAY to schedule your VO2 Max test, it is safe, quick, affordable! 678-996-1313

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