ThinU Meal Bars

Extremely delicious ThinU meal bars are loaded with 14 grams of high quality protein. Get the nutrition and amino acids your body is hungry for while satisfying your cravings. Low calories and high nutrition to help you take on your busy day. Great for a snack or a meal. Don’t skip meals, get the Nutrition you need grab a ThinU Meal Bar!


  • 14 Grams of High Quality Protein
  • Delicious and convenient
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Values & Benefits

Muscle Support

On The Go Nutrition

Supports Metabolism

Your muscle tissue needs protein, making sure that you are getting adequate protein is a way to support your lean tissue. When losing weight, body composition, lean tissue versus fat tissue is important. Lean tissues like muscle tissue burns calories so preserving this tissue as much as possible is  important for metabolism support.

Convenient energy and nutrition that you can take with you when you are on the go or just want to recharge! Stop skipping meals and grab a ThinU Meal Bar today!

These meal bars contain no harmful stimulants and they are great for between meal snacks anytime of the day! Skipping meals and going hungry for too long can put your body into starvation mode which can lower your metabolism. 

These Meal bars are packed with nutrition and loaded with 14 grams of protein! 

Being able to provide additional support to your lean tissues during weight loss is important to help support metabolism. You can also satisfy those cravings and get the protein you need without all the fat, carbs and sugar.

This product is great to take as a before bed snack to help you get through the night and as a snack between meals when you need a pick me up or when you are hungry. Stay on course with ThinU Meal Bars!

This product does not contain any harmful stimulants.