ThinU Meal Shakes

These superfood meal shakes  help you burn fat and maintain muscle. with an incredible 35 grams of protein, only 220 calories and only 2 grams of sugar these meal shakes are superfood meals that can give  you everything you need to keep going strong to slay the day. This is the way to get max nutrition with minimum calories. Use it to manage your weight, feel great, and stay strong when you’re on the go. BTW, it’s power-packed with 35 grams of protein. Can you say “delicious satisfaction”? 

Why ThinU Meal Shakes?
It’s all your body needs from a complete meal.  

  • 35 grams of high-quality, whey and milk protein.
  • Energy-fueling carbs to help you go the extra mile.
  • Only 220 calories and 2 grams of sugars!
  • Burn fat, maintain muscle


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Values & Benefits

Muscle Support

Maximum Nutrition

Supports Metabolism

Your muscles need protein and ThinU Meal Shakes have 35 grams of protein! Making sure that you are getting adequate protein is a way to support your lean tissue. When losing weight, body composition, lean tissue versus fat tissue is important. Give your muscles what they are craving, give them ThinU Meal Shakes!

ThinU Meal Shakes are a complete meal replacement shake packed with nutrition and only has 220 calories and 2 grams of sugar! High nutrition, low carb and low calorie; ThinU Meal Shakes provides nutrition that your body needs.

These meal shakes are meal replacements to boost your weight loss and are good anytime of the day! Skipping meals and going hungry for too long can put your body into starvation mode which can lower your metabolism. Now there is ThinU Meal Replacement Shakes, Problem Solved!

These meal shakes have 35 grams  of protein (many competing products only have 18) and only 2 grams of sugar and 220 calories. They are thick smooth and filling, nutrition made delicious!

Boosting metabolism by helping to support muscle tissue and providing your body with the nutrition and amino acids it is craving. These meal shakes are a critical part of weight loss success.

A low calorie, high nutrition meal replacement is ky to assist your efforts. take instead of a meal (not more than twice a day).  Don't skip meals! Use ThinU Meal Shakes!*

*please consult your medical professional before going on any weight loss program.

This product does not contain any harmful stimulants.