ThinU Next Level Vegan Protein

Take your protein needs to the NEXT LEVEL with this clean, high quality, pure Plant Based protein formula using the natural power of plant based foods. The perfect boost to your ThinU Meal Shake or a fantastic post-workout protein on its own and now it is available in 2 delicious plant based flavors.

  • 20 grams of of high quality plant-based protein.
  • Sourced from peas, milled chia seeds, spirulina, kelp & dulse.  
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 4 grams of Carbs
  • Excellent source of iron
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors


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Delicious Chocolate

    Creamy Vanilla

Take Your Healthy Change to The Next Level With a Complete Plant-Based Protein

Get the critical amino acids your body needs with plant-based Next Level protein. While it is not a meal replacement it can provide a powerful plant based protein boost to your ThinU Meal Shake and is a perfect snack on its own. Next Levels amino acids are great for those hungry muscles that are starving for the right kind of plant based protein.

Plant-based Next Level® uses a unique blend of pea protein isolate as well as milled chia seeds, kelp and other natural plant sources to create a complete protein profile which is comprised of all the essential amino acids that boost metabolism and support muscle building and maintenance.

Use in Your Daily Routine

Boost your shake.

Add 20 grams of high-quality plant-based protein to your ThinU Meal Shake.

Upgrade your favorite meal.

Things like oatmeal and protein balls are made better with a scoop of plant-based Next Level®.

Flex your diet.

Plant-based Next Level® can be for everyone, not just vegans and vegetarians. Substitute whey-based meal shakes for this plant based change-up to your diet.

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Boost your plant-based protein and order today

Values & Benefits

Muscle Support

Low Carb

Supports Metabolism

Your lean tissues like muscle tissue needs protein, making sure that you are getting adequate protein is a way to support your lean tissue. When losing weight, body composition, lean tissue versus fat tissue is important. Lean tissues like muscle tissue burns calories so preserving this tissue as much as possible is  important for metabolism support.

This plant-based protein has only 4 grams of carbs making this amino optimized protein a fantastic way to get the protein you need for while keeping those carbs low! 

This plant-based protein is great for between meal snacks anytime of the day! Skipping meals and going hungry for too long can put your body into starvation mode which can lower your metabolism. 

This plant based-protein is made form naturally sourced peas, milled chia seeds and other natural products. It is low carb, with no artificial sweetners! 

Being able to provide additional support to your muscles during weight loss is important to help support metabolism. This product has the amino acids your muscles need!

This product is great to take as a snack between meals and will give your body that protein boost. Add it to ThinU Meal shakes or other dishes.

This product does not contain any dangerous artificial sweeteners.