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Planning is The Key to Weight Loss Success!

Our Director of Nutrition, Suzanne Fisher, shares some simple tips and tricks to help you stay on track!

Life can throw us curveballs. The mad morning rush leaves you stressed and starved. You grab whatever is available. Negative thoughts creep in “the day is ruined anyway, I will go start my diet tomorrow.” Where did it all go so wrong? Preplanning is the key to success. These helpful tips and techniques will get you started.

Start Your Day Off Right

Can you drive a car with an empty gas tank? Of course not. So, why allow our bodies to run on empty day after day? The old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day holds true. Eating breakfast will prevent those empty calories that you might otherwise mindlessly grab. Arriving at work after eating breakfast will improve productivity and focus. You say you don’t have time to eat breakfast? ThinU meal plans offer many delicious and simple breakfast recipes that take less than 10 minutes to prepare.

Create New Healthy Habits

Waiting until morning to pack your lunch and snacks never seems to work out as planned. As with all good intentions, something is always bound to go awry. Avoid diet catastrophes by packing the next day’s meals the night before. The best time to pack your lunch is while preparing dinner. It might seem like a hindrance at first, but once you have a system in place, it will soon become a daily habit. ThinU meal plans were designed with ease in mind and with common ingredients most people have in their pantries.
Don’t forget to pack healthy snacks to prevent the 3:00pm trip to the vending machine. Better yet, while grocery shopping, buy an extra box or package of your favorite healthy snack. Leave it in your desk drawer for those days the diet witching hour creeps up on you.

Plan your Week in Advance

It is easy to prepare your meals when you have all the ingredients available for when you need them. Shopping lists that coordinate with ThinU meal plans, are easily generated with the click of a mouse.
We understand that no one wants to arrive home after a long workday and start the food prep process. Set aside one day per week for food prep. We recommend cooking a large pot of brown rice or quinoa and baking a batch of sweet potatoes. Grill chicken breast or other protein sources for quick and easy lunch and dinner meals.

Eating healthy does not have to be difficult. Our meal plans help keep you organized and prepared. Let us do the work for you!