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VO2 Max Test – Know What You Burn!

At ThinU we use science not hype to help you lose weight . Many people wonder why they exercise all the time but still do not lose weight? Call us today to make an appointment for your VO2 max test, it is the ultimate indicator of cardio vascular fitness and is used by many performance athletes to measure progress and make changes to their training program that brings results! previously only available in Hospitals, ThinU is brining this technology to the Alpharetta area and it is affordable! a part of the answer is they do not know how many and what kind of calories they are burning and they are often exercising incorrectly and keeping their heart rate in the wrong zone and as a result are not burning the fat. The right zone for fat burning may surprise you, but it is usually NOT the highest heart rate level! The VO2 max test is a critical tool to help with weight loss and also to truly know what your actual cardio vascular fitness level is. It comes with an app that syncs to an inexpensive heart rate monitor. Your actual test results download into the app, as you exercise or do activity the app can tell you exactly how many calories you are burning and what kind of calories you are burning, either from fat or carbohydrate sources. The tests will also show you where your ideal heart rate training zones are for maximum fat burning or for cardio training. Call us today 678-996-1313

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