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Watch Your Body Composition Change

Track your progress using ThinU’s 3D Body Scan & watch your body composition change! It’s incredibly empowering. AS I lost weight I had times that I felt my overall weight loss was not what I expected, what I did not realize at the time was that my the percentage of my body weight that was fat was going down dramatically while my lean muscle tissue was increasing dramatically. This is why even though my total body weight reduction was less than I wanted it to be my clothes had a lot more room and fit much better. This is because the composition of my body as changing. Muscle takes up far less space pound for pound than fat does, muscle is also much heavier than fat. Once I did the 3D Body Scan I could actually measure how my body composition was changing. I could literally see how much my body fat percentage went down and how my percent lean tissue went up! It was a tremendous encouragement and really helped me on my weight loss journey. Tracking your progress is important