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Weight Loss Progression To This Date

Overall to date, I have had the following results:

December 1 through December 31

(ONLY using LED system treatments and whole body vibration therapy)

With a starting weight of 307 pounds and a starting waist size of 56.5 inches, I have lost 4.5 inches and 23 pounds, dropping to a waist of 52.5 inches and a weight of 284 pounds.

January 1 to January 30

Starting at a weight of 284 pounds, I have reduced to 276 pounds and lost 2 inches around the waist for a new waist size of 50.5 inches. During the month of January, I  was exposed to and was infected by a severe viral infection, so it was almost 3 weeks until I fully recovered, so progress was slowed.

From February 1 through March 1

I have lost another 9 pounds with a new weight of 267 pounds and a new waist size of 48 inches.

At the beginning of the month of March, I am happy to report that by following the ThinU® system I have lost a total of 40 pounds and 8.5 inches around the waist. My energy and vitality are incredible and can only be described as “Through the Roof!”. I definitely feel that my body has entered a fat burning zone and the LED treatments, whole body vibration, the ThinU® eating plan, metabolism testing, the apps and heart monitor are all working together to increase the rate at which I am losing fat, it is really incredible!

Please check back in often on this blog at our Website or on Twitter and Facebook @mythinuatl for updates as I progress on my journey. Don’t forget to give us a call at (678) 996-1313, send us an Email or contact the ThinU® team via the website. We welcome your questions or need to book appointments! The ThinU® team is ready to help U!

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